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Advanced Mechanics in Robotic Systems by Nestor Eduardo Nava Rodriguez

Nestor Eduardo Nava Rodríguez, "Advanced Mechanics in Robotic Systems"
Publisher: Springer | 2011 | ISBN: 085729587X | PDF | pages | 2.3 MB

Humans have always been fascinated with the concept of artificial life and the construction of machines that look and behave like people. As the field of robotics evolves, it demands continuous development of successful systems with high-performance characteristics for practical applications.

Advanced Mechanics in Robotic Systems illustrates original and ambitious mechanical designs and techniques for developing new robot prototypes with successful mechanical operational skills. Case studies are focused on projects in mechatronics that have high growth expectations:

humanoid robots,
robotics hands,
mobile robots,
parallel manipulators, and
human-centred robots.

A good control strategy requires good mechanical design, so a chapter has also been devoted to the description of suitable methods for control architecture design.



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