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Course of Theoretical Physics, vol.9 - Statistical Physics, Part 2 by E. M. Lifshitz, L.P. Pitaevskii

E. M. Lifshitz, L.P. Pitaevskii, "Course of Theoretical Physics, vol.9 - Statistical Physics, Part 2"
P..rgamon Press | 1981 | ISBN: 0080230733 | 387 pages | Djvu | 5,9 MB

Between 1938 and 1960 Landau, together with his student and collaborator E. M. Lifshitz, wrote a series of volumes under the heading of Course of Theoretical Physics, covering mechanics, classical field theory, quantum mechanics, relativistic quantum theory, statistical physics, fluid mechanics, theory of elasticity, electrodynamics of continuous media, and physical kinetics. Some of the sections are actually based on original research performed by the authors. There are few works on contemporary physics that match the Course of Theoretical Physics in terms of clarity of exposition and scope of treatment; it is therefore not surprising that in April 1962 this veritable encyclopedia received the Lenin Prize.

The second part of 'Statistical Physics' deals with the quantum theory of the condensed state of matter. This volume is essentially an entirely new book, based on the large amount of new material which has become available in statistical physics since' Part 1' was published.


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