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Advances in Robot Kinematics: Motion in Man and Machine by Jadran Lenarcic, Michael M. Stanisic

Jadran Lenarcic, Michael M. Stanisic, "Advances in Robot Kinematics: Motion in Man and Machine"
Sp,..er | 2010 | ISBN: 9048192617 | 545 pages | PDF | 27,2 MB

The book provides about 50 contributions in the area of robot kinematics, the basic research sub-field of robotics. The main impetus is on the recent advances in the field. This latest volume of Advances in Robot Kinematics reports the newest scientific and applicative results. All contributions have been peer reviewed. The contributors are the most recognised scientists in this area. Topics treated include: Methods in Kinematics, Properties of Mechanisms, Humanoids and Biomedical Applications, Workspace and Isotropy, Analysis of Mechanisms, Design of Mechanisms, Motion Synthesis and Mobility.


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