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Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists, Third Edition by Brian Hahn, Dan Valentine

Brian Hahn, Dan Valentine, "Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists, Third Edition"
N,.nes | 2007 | ISBN: 0750684178 | 448 pages | PDF | 7,3 MB

The essential guide to MATLAB as a problem solving tool

This text presents MATLAB both as a mathematical tool and a programming language, giving a concise and easy to master introduction to its potential and power. Stressing the importance of a structured approach to problem solving, the text gives a step-by-step method for program design and algorithm development. The fundamentals of MATLAB are illustrated throughout with many examples from a wide range of familiar scientific and engineering areas, as well as from everyday life.


. Numerous simple exercises provide hands-on learning of MATLAB's functions
. A new chapter on dynamical systems shows how a structured approach is used to solve more complex problems.
. Common errors and pitfalls highlighted
. Concise introduction to useful topics for solving problems in later engineering and science courses: vectors as arrays, arrays of characters, GUIs, advanced graphics, simulation and numerical methods
. Text and graphics in four colour
. Extensive instructor support


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