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Nanotechnology and the Environment by Robert V. Neumann

Robert V. Neumann, "Nanotechnology and the Environment"
N.va Science Publishers | 2010 | ISBN: 1606926632 | 135 pages | PDF | 7,7 MB

Nanotechnology has potential applications in many sectors of the American economy,
including consumer products, health care, transportation, energy and agriculture.
Since 2001, EPA has played a leading role in funding research and setting research directions
to develop environmental applications for, and understand the potential human health and
environmental implications of, nanotechnology. That research has already borne fruit,
particularly in the use of nanomaterials for environmental clean-up and in beginning to
understand the disposition of nanomaterials in biological systems. Some environmental
applications using nanotechnology have progressed beyond the research stage. The purpose of
this book is elucidate the needs associated with nanotechnology, to support related EPA
programs, and to communicate these nanotechnology science issues to stakeholders and the
public. The book begins with an introduction that describes what nanotechnology is, why
EPA is interested in it, and what opportunities and challenges exist regarding nanotechnology
and the environment. It then moves to a discussion of the potential environmental benefits of
nanotechnology, describing environmental technologies as well as other applications that can
foster sustainable use of resources. The book next provides an overview of existing
information on nanomaterials regarding components needed to conduct a risk assessment.


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