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Wireless Video Communications: Second to Third Generation and Beyond (IEEE Series on Mobile & Digital Communications) by Lajos L. Hanzo, Peter Cherriman and Jurgen Streit

Lajos L. Hanzo, Peter Cherriman, Jurgen Streit, "Wireless Video Communications: Second to Third Generation and Beyond"
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press | ISBN: 078036032X | edition 2001 | PDF | 1092 pages | 201,3 mb

Bridging the gap between the video compression and communication communities, this unique volume provides an all-encompassing treatment of wireless video communications, compression, channel coding, and wireless transmission as a joint subject. WIRELESS VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS begins with relatively simple compression and information theoretical principles, continues through state-of-the-art and future concepts, and concludes with implementation-ready system solutions.

This book's deductive presentation and broad scope make it essential for anyone interested in wireless communications. It systematically converts the lessons of Shannon's information theory into design principles applicable to practical wireless systems. It provides in a comprehensive manner "implementation-ready" overall system design and performance studies, giving cognizance to the contradictory design requirements of video quality, bit rate, delay, complexity error resilience, and other related system design aspects.



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