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Introduction to Optical Waveguide by M. J. Adams (2nd edition)

M. J. Adams, "Introduction to Optical Waveguide"
Jo hn Wi ley & So ns Inc. | English | 1981-12-19 | ISBN: 0471279692 | 418 pages | PDF | 14.6 mb

The emergence of fiber optics as an important technology for telecommunications has stimulated a growing interest in the study of propagation in optical waveguides. As the author points out in the Preface to this book, many of the previous theoretical treatments of this subject emphasize geometries of special significance for integrated optics, semiconductor lasers, or fiber optics, but do not provide a unified treatment of all of the important guided-wave structures. In this book, Adams presents in eight chapters and a consistent notation a comprehensive analysis of propagation in planar waveguides (five chapters), waveguides with rectangular cross sections (one chapter), and optical fibers (two chapters). The discussion of each geometry begins with a brief description of waveguides with conducting boundaries, and continues with extensive treatments of both step-index and graded-index dielectric waveguides.



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