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Advances in Petri Net Theory and Applications by Tauseef Aized

"Advances in Petri Net Theory and Applications" ed. by Tauseef Aized
InTeO | 2010 | ISBN: 9533071084 9789533071084 | 229 pages | PDF | 12 MB

This book is a collection of recent advances in theoretical and practical applications of the Petri net method and can be useful for both academia and industry related practitioners.

Petri net is a method which is based on a well-founded mathematical theory and has a wide application.

1 Production Process Object Model Research Based on Petri Net Techniques
2 Synthesis of Coloured Petri Nets from Naturallike Language Descriptions
3 Petri Net as a Manufacturing System Scheduling Tool
4 Petri Net Model Based Implementation of Hierarchical and Distributed Control for Discrete Event Robotic Manufacturing Cells
5 Intelligent Production Systems Reconfiguration by Means of Petri Nets and the Supervisory Control Theory
6 Parameter Perturbation Analysis through Stochastic Petri Nets: Application to an Inventory System
7 Modelling Multimedia Synchronization using a Time Petri Net Based Approach
8 Hybrid Petri Nets and Metaheuristic Approach to Farm Work Scheduling
9 Parallel Application Scheduling Model Based on Petri Net with Changeable Structure
10 Petri Nets Hierarchical Modelling Framework of Active Products' Community
11 Assessment Method of Business Process Model of EKD

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