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Applied Measurement Systems by Md. Zahurul Haq

"Applied Measurement Systems" ed. by Md. Zahurul Haq
InTech | 2012 | ISBN: 9535101031 9789535101031 | 399 pages | PDF | 25 MB

This book attempts to provide a comprehensive presentation on some of the key applied and advanced topics in measurements for scientists, engineers and educators. The book illustrates the diversity of measurement systems, and provide in-depth guidance for specific practical problems and applications.

1. Measurement: System, Uncertainty and Response
2. Internal Combustion Engine Indicating Measurements
3. Measurement Systems for Electrical Machine Monitoring
4. Experimental System for Determining the Magnetic Losses of Super Paramagnetic Materials; Planning, Realization and Testing
5. Non Contact Measurement System with Electromagnets for Vibration Tests on Bladed Disks
6. Study on Wireless Torque Measurement Using SAW Sensors
7. Shape Measurement by Phase-Stepping Method Using Multi-Line LEDs
8. Electro-Luminescence Based Pressure- Sensitive Paint System and Its Application to Flow Field Measurement
9. Computer-Based Measurement System for Complex Investigation of Shape Memory Alloy Actuators Behavior
10. Calibration of Measuring Systems Based on Maximum Dynamic Error
11. Determining Exact Point Correspondences in 3D Measurement Systems Using Fringe Projection - Concepts, Algorithms and Accuracy Determination
12. Design Methodology to Construct Information Measuring Systems Built on Piezoresonant Mechanotrons with a Modulated Interelectrode Gap
13. Non Invasive Acoustic Measurements for Faults Detecting in Building Materials and Structures
14. Approximation and Correction of Measuring Transducer's Characteristics
15. Planar Microwave Sensors for Complex Permittivity Characterization of Materials and Their Applications
16. Basics on Radar Cross Section Reduction Measurements of Simple and Complex Targets Using Microwave Absorbers
17. An Intelligent System for Efficient Rigid Film Anticounterfeiting Inspection

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