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Intelligent Systems by Vladimir Mikhailovich Koleshko

"Intelligent Systems" ed. by Vladimir Mikhailovich Koleshko
InTech | 2012 | ISBN: 9535100546 9789535100546 | 376 pages | PDF | 19 MB

This book is dedicated to intelligent systems of broad-spectrum application, such as personal and social biosafety or use of intelligent sensory micro-nanosystems such as "e-nose", "e-tongue" and "e-eye". In addition to that, effective acquiring information, knowledge management and improved knowledge transfer in any media, as well as modeling its information content using meta-and hyper heuristics and semantic reasoning all benefit from the systems covered in this book.

Intelligent systems can also be applied in education and generating the intelligent distributed eLearning architecture, as well as in a large number of technical fields, such as industrial design, manufacturing and utilization, e.g., in precision agriculture, cartography, electric power distribution systems, intelligent building management systems, drilling operations etc.
Furthermore, decision making using fuzzy logic models, computational recognition of comprehension uncertainty and the joint synthesis of goals and means of intelligent behavior biosystems, as well as diagnostic and human support in the healthcare environment have also been made easier.

1. Intelligent Systems in Technology of Precision Agriculture and Biosafety
2. Knowledge Management in Bio-Information Systems
3. Efficiency of Knowledge Transfer by Hearing a Conversation While Doing Something
4. Algorithm Selection: From Meta-Learning to Hyper-Heuristics
5. Experiences and Obstacles in Industrial Applications of Intelligent Systems
6. Intelligent Problem Solvers in Education: Design Method and Applications
7. Logic of Integrity, Fuzzy Logic and Knowledge Modeling for Machine Education
8. Morphosyntactic Linguistic Wavelets for Knowledge Management
9. Intelligent Distributed eLearning Architecture
10. Analysis of Fuzzy Logic Models
11. Recognition and Resolution of "Comprehension Uncertainty" in AI
12. Intelligent Systems in Cartography
13. Intelligent Expert System for Protection Optimization Purposes in Electric Power Distribution Systems
14. Intelligent Analysis of Utilization of Special Purpose Machines for Drilling Operations
15. Intelligent Biosystems and the Idea of the Joint Synthesis of Goals and Means
16. Innovative Intelligent Services for Supporting Cognitively Impaired Older Adults and Their Caregivers

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