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Introduction to Engineering Mechanics: A Continuum Approach by Jenn Stroud Rossman

Jenn Stroud Rossman, "Introduction to Engineering Mechanics: A Continuum Approach"
C.R C | ISBN: 1420062719 | 2008 | 485 pages | PDF | 10,2 MB

The essence of continuum mechanics — the internal response of materials to external loading — is often obscured by the complex mathematics of its formulation. By building gradually from one-dimensional to two- and three-dimensional formulations, this book provides an accessible introduction to the fundamentals of solid and fluid mechanics, covering stress and strain among other key topics. This undergraduate text presents several real-world case studies, such as the St. Francis Dam, to illustrate the mathematical connections between solid and fluid mechanics, with an emphasis on practical applications of these concepts to mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering structures and design.


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