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Recent Advances in Modelling and Simulation by Giuseppe Petrone and Giuliano Cammarata

"Recent Advances in Modelling and Simulation" ed. by Giuseppe Petrone and Giuliano Cammarata
InTeO | 2008 | ISBN: 3902613257 9783902613257 | 698 pages | PDF | 92 MB

This book contains original and innovative studies concerning modeling and simulation of physical systems in a very wide range of applications, encompassing micro-electro-mechanical systems, measurement instrumentations, catalytic reactors, biomechanical applications, biological and chemical sensors, magnetosensitive materials, silicon photonic devices, electronic devices, optical fibers, electro-microfluidic systems, composite materials, fuel cells, indoor air-conditioning systems, active magnetic levitation systems and more.

Some of the most recent numerical techniques, as well as some of the software among the most accurate and sophisticated in treating complex systems, are applied in order to exhaustively contribute in knowledge advances.

1 Braking Process in Automobiles: Investigation of the Thermoelastic Instability Phenomenon
2 Modeling and Numerical Investigation of Photoacoustic Pronators
3 Multi-Agent Systems for the Simulation of Land Use Change and Policy Interventions
4 Pore Scale Simulation of Colloid Deposition
5 Practical Application of Simulation Technique for the Pronators Using Piezoelectric Ceramics
6 Computation of the Complex Impedance of a Cylindrical Conductor in an Ideal Two-Probe Configuration
7 Evolutionary Constructive Approach for Studying Dynamic Complex Systems
8 Transient Runaway in a Fixed-Bed Catalytic Praetor
9 Carotid Plaque Stresses
10 Electromagnetic Flow Metering
11 Finite Element Modelling of Micro-cantilevers Used as Chemical Sensors
12 Analysis of Electrical Phenomena Occurring in Thermally Assisted Mechanical Dewatering Processes (TAMD)-a Preliminary Study
13 Simulation of Plastic Deformation Processes Through a Navier-Stokes Approach
14 2D Model of a Floating Body Under Nonlinear Waves
15 Modelling of Maanetosensitive Elastomers
16 Simulation of Net Structures Hydrodynamic Fields
17 Modeling and Simulation of Microscale Flows
18 Multiphysics Modelling and Simulation in Engineering
19 New Methods to Model and Simulate Both Air Exchange and Particle Contamination of Portable Devices
20 Recent Advances in Modelling and Simulation of Silicon Photonic Devices
21 Numerical Modelling for Thermal Design of Electronic Equipments
22 Modelling of Long Period Gratings in Photonic Crystal Fibres and Sensors Based on Them
23 A New Methodology for RF MEMS Simulation
24 Active Magnetic Suspension and Bearing
25 Modeling and Simulation of Piezoelectric Devices
26 Multiphysical Modeling of DC and AC Electroosmosis in Micro- and Nanosystems
27 Efficient Simulation of Thermal and Electrical Behaviour of Industrial Cables
28 Finite Element Simulation of Heat Transfer in Ferrofluid
29 Computational Modelling of Mass Transport in Large Arteries
30 Modeling of Surface-bed Praetor for Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions Coupling
31 Multiscale Heat, Air and Moisture Modelling and Simulation
32 Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Air Flows in Aseptic Clean Rooms
33 Elastic Modulus FEM Modelling of the Layered Woven Composite Material
34 Two-Dimensional PEM Fuel Cells Modeling using COMSOL Multiphysics

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