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Wavelet Transforms and Their Applications in Biology and Geoscience by Dumitru Baleanu

"Wavelet Transforms and Their Applications in Biology and Geoscience" ed. by Dumitru Baleanu
InTech | 2012 | ISBN: 9535102120 9789535102120 | 308 pages | PDF | 22 MB

This book reports on recent applications in biology and geoscience. The book shows how the wavelet transform was used for the analysis of EEG signals in patients with oral communications, how it was used to investigate the energy distribution of the EEG signal components as well as its use for the dimensional reduction in a gait recognition framework.

The book contains applications of the wavelet transforms in the analysis of data collected from sport and breast cancer. The denoting procedure is analyzed within wavelet transform and applied on data coming from real world applications. The book ends with two important applications of the wavelet transforms in geoscience.

Part 1 Wavelet Transforms in Biology
1. Wavelet Transform for the Analysis of EEG Signals in Patients with Oral Communications Problems
2. Energy Distribution of EEG Signal Components by Wavelet Transform
3. Using Wavelet Transforms for Dimensionality Reduction in a Gait Recognition Framework
4. The Detection Data of Mammary Carcinoma Processing Method Based on the Wavelet Transformation
5. Wavelet Transforms in Sport: Application to Biological Time Series
6. 2-D Discrete Wavelet Transform for Hand Palm Texture Biometric Identification and Verification
7. Brain Computer Interface with Wavelets and Genetic Algorithms
8. Improvement of Shimmer Parameter of Oesophageal Voices Using Wavelet Transform
9. Poisson Noise Removal in Spherical Multichannel Images: Application to Fermi Data
10. A Wavelet Multiscale De-Noising Algorithm Based on Radon Transform
11. Application of Wavelet Transform Method for Textile Material Feature Extraction
12. Wavelet Transform-Multidisciplinary Applications
Part 2 Applications of the Wavelet Transforms in Geoscience
13. Multiscale Analysis of Geophysical Signals Using the 2D Continuous Wavelet Transform
14. 1D Wavelet Transform and Geosciences

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